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All in one projector

MeroGurukul USF All in One Educational Device

Prime Soft Services Pvt.Ltd. is collabrate with Hivista to design all in one educational device in Nepal. MeroGurukul USF All in One Educational Device is mainly used in Education and Business field currently. LED light source been applying, avoiding of bulb consumable items problems, which solved the biggest maintenance problem of traditional projector. Ultra short focus, which avoid the Shadows shade problem of short and long focus projector. MeroGurukul USF All in One Educational Device pushes all-in-one interactive projector applying to Education and Business into a much more higher level because of its built- in computer and interactive function. MeroGurukul USF All in One Educational Device is the first and newest LED projector being promoted on 2016, and will be a long-term promoting product line as well.

  • 2500 Lumens Highest LED projector

    Smart Peojector in Nepal

    MeroGurukul USF All in One Educational Device is 2500 color-lumens, which is different to normal projector's "lumens". Color-lumens is demarcated by three colors, but the normal-lumens is demarcated by pure white color only. So Even play in daily light, projection effect is still outstanding.

  • 1037U / i3 / i5 Processor, 4 / 8 GB RAM , 512GB / 1TB HDD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Ports, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

    Peojector for Education

    The PC included in the MeroGurukul USF All in One Educational Device, allows the school to use it for many other activities, like teaching computers, making presentations, and even for screening movies and event videos.

  • Change any surface to Touch

     Touch projector

    The MeroGurukul USF All in One Educational Device comes with an interactive feature that converts your wall or whiteboard into Touch. You can write, draw, highlight and move the content like a touch screen.

  • New Light Source, No Need Maintenance

     Projector with inbuilt computer

    Using high quality of Osram LED lamp for MeroGurukul USF All in One Educational Device, which is brighter, has lower power consumption and less heat. What's more, the lamp has a very long lamp life of 30000+ hours, which can bring you at least 10 years enjoying.

  • 300" Huge Projection Screen, Not Only Big.

    Projector with TV

    The First 200" HD projection, take users more visual joy. Teaching class in huge multi-media room easily.
    With precise DMD digital light processing chip built-in, harmless to eys, added with professional arithmetic of color deploy, to provide vivid color reproduction experience.

  • Let the living room become home theatre

    Projector, Computer and TV

    Enjoy MeroGurukul USF All in One Educational Device even in your living room and nothing is impossible.

  • Figure Out the Following Problems

    Touch projector provider in nepal

  • Specifications

    Items Project Specifications
    Projector type Portable for Education and Business
    Brightness 2500 lumens
    Contrast Ratio 10000:1
    Resolution 1280*800
    Projection Method DMD TI 0.45", WXGA-800
    Projection distance 0.2-2m
    Lamp type Osram P2W LED
    Lamp life 30000+ hours
    Throw Ratio 1.4:1
    Projection size 30-200 inch
    color 16.7 millions
    Projection mode Ceiling, Rear, front
    Interface 1*HDMI,v1.4; 1 * VGA; 1 *Power; 2 * USB;Audio in
    Speaker 10W
    Power 144W
    Standby power <0.5W
    Operate language English
    Operate Version Window 7 or Higher
    CPU 1037U / i3 / i5
    RAM 4 / 8 GB
    HDD 512 GB / 1 TB
    Wifi 2.4G
    Bluetooth 4.0
    Wireless Keyboards Yes
    Wireless Mouse Yes

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MeroGurukul eLearing Solutions and MeroGurukul USF All in One Educational Device helps create and nurture a conclusive and stimulating learning environment. It empowers teachers, facilitates overall development of students and focuses on innovative IT enabled education solutions.